The art of baking brought my family together, around the kitchen table to enjoy each others company despite any activity we were working on earlier. Nothing was more important than to be in that kitchen, enjoying those cookies, and spending time with one another. These memories played a large role in how I viewed baked goods of all kinds. It wasn’t just a matter of wanting a sweet treat, it was also creating memories and surrounding those moments with delicious cookies. And as I got older baking became a way for me to feel connected to my family even while attending college or living abroad.

Fast forward a few years and through countless odd ­jobs while attending Graduate school in New York and suddenly I landed a gig with a vegan and gluten­-free bake shop as an assistant baker.

And everything finally clicked. Baking wasn’t just a hobby, it was a passion.

A year later I moved to California with my significant other on a search to make our passions our careers and livelihoods. I thought baking for a company was what I wanted, but slowly it dawned on me that I did want to bake (that much I knew), I also wanted to lead. I didn’t want to be the assistant anymore; I wanted the freedom to shape my own business exactly according to my own vision. It wasn’t a matter of being the boss, it was having the ability and courage to understand that if I wanted to bake with the intention and purpose I felt so passionately about then I couldn’t wait for someone to have the same vision as me, I had to create my own vision and simply just start!

But as the business grew my vision clarified. Not only did I want to bake delicious cookies, I wanted to package community, warmth, and a sense of belonging with those cookies. And being able to send that homey­ness carries a sense of love that is difficult to share when our loved ones are spread across this vast nation. I want to be a part of that experience between two people, a family, a community, or a group of friends.

Having each cookie individually wrapped not only keeps the cookies ultra-­fresh upon delivery; it also makes sharing that much more possible. So, not only does the sender get to express that love no matter the distance, but the recipient can also share that love amongst their local friends and family, creating a unity of camaraderie, joy, and support that comes from building a community.

And with that, I hope you join me in this adventure to build nationwide community one cookie at a time!