What are people saying
about Rachel's Bake Lab?

We used Rachel's Bake Lab for a close friends baby shower. We ordered a red velvet and a blue funfetti cookie for each guest. Lets just say they were both a hit! I am not a big fan of red velvet and I even fell in love with them! Order was easy as 1-2-3, Rachel was super friendly and all the cookies were individually wrapped and fresh as can be! Thank you Rachel! 

- Sean G.

Holy cow! Saying these are my favorite cookies would be an understatement. Not only do they have a great texture but the variety of flavors is refreshing. Rachel has to be using magic to make these and on top of that she's just the nicest person ever.

- John E.

I could not get this chocolate chip cookie in my mouth fast enough. The cookie is beautifully thick and the texture is both firm and cake-like simultaneously with the perfect amount of chocolate chips. Imagine a soft shortbread type cookie but in the classic flavor of chocolate chip. It is a perfectly delicious, classic cookie! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

-Michelle D.


Companies I've worked with...

Fantastic! I got my cookies hand delivered by the CEO! Delicious.

- David W.

Sent these to my brother for his birthday, and he called to thank me (which is by itself a 5 star review) and said they were the best cookies he's ever tasted!

- Emily M.

We are working with Rachel for weekly deliveries to our leasing office. She hand delivered our beautiful box of perfectly packaged cookies. We ordered the M&M spring time cookies this week and O-M-G please take them out of our office because I just want to stuff them all in my face!! They are the perfect texture, and aren't too sweet. Rachel has definitely perfected the cookie, which may or may not be a good thing for me lol.

-Julie M.

So so so good! I ordered the chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious. Love that they are individually packaged making them easy to share, though you certainly will want to keep them all for yourself! Thanks Rachel!

- Marisa C.

I got the chocolate peppermint cookies for Christmas and I can't decide whether to eat them all immediately or save them for the rest of my life. I am torn between keeping them forever and stuffing my face completely full right this minute. So good! Will definitely be a repeat customer!

- Kim B

I bought a mint green t-shirt and I love the way it fits! It's the perfect length and it's made from extremely comfortable material. Plus, it looks great on! I also ordered the strawberry shortcake cookies and they are a dream come true. I can't wait to order more!

- Heather Q.

Strawberry cheesecake cookies!... Are heaven in your mouth!! They were very soft and fresh when they found my place in New Jersey. Each cookie is individually wrapped, good for sharing and saving the rest in freezer. And needless to say, they go great with a cup of coffee and a good book after a long day wink emoticon Thank you, Rachel's Bake Lab!!

- Pelin A.