Our Process

It all starts with fabulous organic and local ingredients! Anything and everything after that is pure creativity. I’m constantly inspired by local bakers, popular blogs, and seasonal flavors and every few weeks or so I spend some time in the kitchen experimenting with those flavors and the end result is either a horrible mess in the kitchen or a brand new cookie on the shop!

When the customer places an order it is baked between 1-2 days of receiving said order. Each cookie is then individually wrapped in an FDA approved and USDA compliant cellophane bag with adhesive closures for optimal freshness and perfect shareability. Then, all twelve cookies are nestled in a bakery box lined with colorful tissue paper.

Everything is made by hand and made to order.



I pride myself on using local California brands so my customers can rest assured they know where every part of the baking process is coming from and so Rachel's Bake Lab can continue to support local farms and business. All the butter and eggs come from Clover Farms in Petaluma, the chocolate comes from Guittard Chocolate in San Francisco, and the Gluten-Free Flour comes from Cup4Cup in Napa Valley. 

Other Brands I use:
Kirkland Organic Cane Sugar (Paraguay)
Mead & Mead Maple Syrup
Ghirardelli Chocolate
Wonderful No Salt Pistachios
MadΓ©casse Madagascar Bourbon Whole Vanilla Beans
Wholesome Sweeteners