The Cookie Mix (in a Jar!)


The Cookie Mix (in a Jar!)

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This Chocolate Chip Cookie Mix is a classic that spans the ages (maybe?)! I remember since I was a kid people giving out homemade mixes for parties, holidays, or even wedding celebrations so why not bring it back! 

This is a perfect gift for anyone, even for yourself!

I use organic sugar and flour and the chocolate is from a local California vendor! 

What you'll get:
1 Quart Size Glass Mason Jar
1 Tag with instructions
All the dry ingredients and chips for 18-24 cookies!

You'll Need:
3/4 cups of butter (1.5 sticks)
2 tsp of vanilla
1 egg

Bake For:
10-12min @ 350

Baking Notes:

It's always best to bake with room temperature butter and eggs!

Creaming the butter with a mixer is my favorite! After you cream the butter, add the eggs and vanilla and dry ingredients and then the chips! 

If the brown sugar is hard that is OK! The moisture is the first to go in any mix thats compact and that's actually what you want. 

Shelf-life: 2-3 weeks!