Celebrating the small things are really important. I mean REALLY important.

If you're anything like me there are times when I feel like I've made no improvement on my situation, haven't taken any steps forward, and constantly feel like the road ahead has taken a high leap off the horizon. Needless to say I'm very hard on myself. But after 5 months of owning and running this business with the help of some truly fabulous friends, I've realized that the small things are really important and should be celebrated often. OFTEN! 

With that being said I'd like to celebrate with all of you and share some of The Bake Lab's accomplishments over these past few weeks! 

In 3 weeks I'll (Rachel) be pitching our company to over 300+ people at the Start Conference in San Francisco! This is very exciting considering I've never pitched anything to anyone, so this entire experience is incredible and terrifying! Luckily, besides pitching The Bake Lab, I'll have the marvelous opportunity to meet folks from all over the Bay Area, particularly those that work in industries I could learn from. And I'll be sure to update The Blog after the conference with some photos and insight (and hopefully some prizes if I win!). 

Just yesterday I signed up to be a food vendor at the SF Etsy Holiday Emporium at Pier 35 on Thanksgiving weekend! If I'm chosen this will be the first time I've ever been a vendor before! YAY new things! So exciting! 

Along with many many other things like: possible new logo change, an idea for a subscription box, book clubs?, and pairing up with a local coffee company to bring everyone yummy cookies and coffee nationwide! 

The joy of owning your own project (business/life-dream/headache) is that at the end of the day, you're the boss. We all work at our own speed and we scale differently. I might fail, and that's okay. I might make millions, and let's be honest, who wouldn't be okay with that?! 

New things are on the horizon.

The road is long, but at least we can take a few stops to celebrate how far we've come! 



Questions for YOU (yes, you beautiful human you!) !

Would you sign up for a box that included 1 adult fiction book, 12 cookies, and a 12oz bag of coffee? Once a month you'd also have the ability to participate in the Book Club at The Lab! 

Comment. Share. Like. Call out into the infinite abyss.