I haven’t written about a cookie for some time now...or ever? Not because my cookies don’t deserve the spotlight, let’s be honest they do, but this cookie was a particularly tricky cookie to accomplish. The flavor is always first priority to me and the first time I tried this cookie I was disappointed. I love key lime in the Summer time. It’s so sour and pouty and childish in nature that I wanted to replicate that flavor in every bite but in a cookie. Key Lime Pie has a specific crust, texture, flavor balance, and presentation so taking all those things into account I wanted to transform that custardy experience into a bite sized cookie anyone could enjoy all year round. But baking citrus is incredibly difficult to accomplish. Using whole fruits in baked desserts usually retains its delicious flavor, but using full slices of limes in a cookie just grosses me out. Using juices in baked desserts will just evaporate while in the oven and disappear into the abyss of awesome. And finally, consider all the fruity citrusy desserts you had, most of the time they were in a custard form. Hence pie. But I’m stubborn and I want to eat my Key Lime Pie all the time, in a cookie, when I want it. So it had to be done. Key Lime Pie Cookie.



The First Attempt

I followed a recipe written by a wonderful recipe curator to get my creative spirits going. Mainly using zest and juices to accomplish the key lime essence in the cookie. The reviews were awesome, the recipe simple, but when the finished product came out of the oven I was disappointed. The smell was amazing but the taste just wasn’t there. Many people loved the cookies texture and taste, but I wasn’t happy with it.


The Second Attempt

Okay let’s try this again. But this time more juices and more zest, almost doubling the quantity from the previous (original recipe). Still nada. I wasn’t happy with it still! It was as if I didn’t even add lime to it at all! Ugh, such a shame.

So before I decided to try again I knew I had to think of something else. There had to be something else I could use to get the flavor I wanted. It was not impossible! I mean, at least, I didn’t believe it was. But then I did some research and came upon what is known as Lime Juice Powder. Essentially it’s the resolution to the citrus problem I was having. Two teaspoons was the recommended proportion for a batch of cookies, but because I don’t listen to anyone I decided to use 3 tablespoons. Mind you the batches I make usually yield up to 24 cookies. So I decided to keep the original amount of lime juice required for the recipe then add the additional powder for some umph!


The Third Attempt

Well the powder worked!! And all of a sudden I got delicious Key Lime Pie Cookies! The texture changed drastically too. Originally it was a dense layered cookie but when I added the powder the cookies immediately became light and fluffy and very airy. Although I prefered the density of the original cookie I favored the flavor of the powder cookie more.


Lessons I’ve Learned…

Don’t stop! If you love being in the kitchen as much as I do and you have this idea and you want to accomplish something then go for it. There are so many ways to achieve the flavor you want, but sometimes it’s in very unlikely places or places you never knew existed.

So do your research because you’ll always learn something new.