I’m as lost as you! I’ve never heard of the thing, never knew it existed, and had no idea how it was made or why anyone would want to use this product. I’m a coffee drinker so I can appreciate a good coffee flavored ice cream, coffee flavored whatever and I’ll be all over that, but when Baker Batch told me I’d be working with Dave’s Coffee Milk Syrup to bring ya’ll something creative I was excited and...concerned. I had no idea how to use it! Until, like any good librarian, I did my research and found that this product is not only a Rhode Island staple, it’s also used primarily in milk.

Well, how is it made?

“It all starts with our fresh roasted coffee. We've selected a superb Brazilian bean and roasted it specifically to be used in our coffee syrup. It's nutty, sweet, smooth and roasted with it's natural smokey goodness. The finished roast then rests for two days.

After resting the coffee is ground and cold brewed for 18 hours in our modified stainless steel kettle.

Finally, the cold brewed coffee is drained and combined with pure cane sugar. The mixture of coffee and sugar is brought to a boil and simmers for over an hour. During this time the syrup reduces and the sugar begins to caramelize. When the syrup reaches the perfect consistency, it is hot bottled into our signature amber glass bottles. The amber glass protects the sweet flavor of our coffee syrup from the environment.

There's a whole lot of love that goes into each bottle of Dave's Coffee Syrup. And, from the roasted coffee to the bottled syrup, we do it all right here in Rhode Island. “  - Dave’s Coffee

I blame all my Rhode Island friends for not introducing me to this gem earlier, but I’m sure glad that I had the chance to work with Dave’s Coffee Milk Syrup now!




How to Use Coffee Milk Syrup in Recipes



·  1/2 cup unsalted butter

·  1 cup white sugar

·  1 egg

·  1/4 cup Dave’s Coffee Milk Syrup

·  1/2 cup almond milk

·  2 cups sifted flour

·  1/2 tsp. salt

·  1/2 tsp. cinnamon

·  1/2 tsp. nutmeg

·  2 tsp. baking powder

1.     Cream unsalted butter.

2.     Add sugar and thoroughly mix.

3.     Beat in 1 egg.

4.     Add mixture of coffee syrup and milk.

5.     Sift dry ingredients into others and beat for 1 minute. Sifting the flour is very important. If you don’t sift the flour the cake will be very dense.

6.     Bake in Bundt pan at 350°F for 40 minutes.

Bakers Tip: Drizzle some coffee syrup on each slice to give it some moisture! And if you don’t have a bundt pan do not worry! Any pan will work just keep your eyes on the bake.


COFFEE MILK  (A Rhode Island Favorite)

·  Add 2 tbs. of Dave’s Coffee Milk Syrup to a 7-oz. glass of cold milk.

·  Shake well in a beverage shaker, and serve.

*Bakers Tip: I used Almond Milk that was unsweetened because this stuff is sweet enough on its own. Sweetness never bothered me so if you love it try scooping some vanilla ice cream in that glass and have at it!


Pick up your bottle of Dave’s Coffee Milk Syrup HERE !!