I write to you from a couch in which I am seated upon with the help from a heating pad and back pillow. The past three days have been slow, difficult, and painful. Three days ago my back spasmed while I was working out and again this morning while making the bed (yes, I make my bed, it calms me!).

Back spasms used to occur more frequently in my college years when I was overweight, lacked the will to work out, and could eat entire jars of nacho cheese. The spasms were so bad I couldn’t walk, sit up, or go to class, and it always left me feeling confused because I always thought I was doing right by my body. Today has brought up some painful and quit frustrating emotions. When my back spasmed today I had an overwhelming feeling that all the healthy eating, working out, weight loss, that has been occurring was for nothing. This is an irrational thought because we all know that it was for something and all that resulted in a much happier and focused me, but this one tiny spasm reeled back all the past emotion of self-doubt, self-pity, self-loathing, and one really big question: what the heck is happening to my body!?

I could probably spend hours on the internet trying to figure out how to cure or get rid of this pain, but let’s be frank only professionals really know what they are talking about. No amount of medicinal herbal nonsense is going to make my spasms go away and it sure won’t educate me on how to get rid of them forever. And while I won’t bore you with more back pain details I did realize that at the end of the day being able to know someone who knows your body, medically, not sexually, is really important and comforting.

And then that got me thinking: professionals are those that we seek out when we need answers (yes I know this is all very logical), but how many of us feel that we are professionals in our field?

  • Do you believe you’re a professional?
  • And if we don’t feel like we are professionals when do we start feeling like we are?
  • Is it some sort of educational status? Years of experience?
  • When you feel like you’ve learned all that you’ve learned in your chosen field?

I am not a professional. Not in baking, not in librarianship, not in adult-ing. Nothing. I’m still learning so much and although I’d love to consider myself a professional something or other, doing so would result in a lie.

In order to become a professional you need tools. Some are physical tools, some are books, some are classes and courses and webinars and seminars, but regardless of what you do for a living almost everything around us was or is a tool for someone to enhance their knowledge of their professional liking. And perhaps that’s why I’m not a professional yet, I still do not know exactly what my tools are and how to utilize them to grow.

And with that I will leave you to ponder the great questions of the world and consider where you stand in the professional spectrum. 

What are some tools you use to hence your knowledge in what you love?

I hope this sparks some conversation within yourself or with your loved ones!

Bake On <3