Most of the magic that happens in my life come unexpectedly. My best friends are those that I met in airport security lines, online dating sites, or simply those that I met living so very close to me. The best decisions in my life came from random college dining hall posters, traveling around the world to countries I never had any interest in, or taking the jump to move across the country with the man I love. 

The magic is what we remember, but sometimes we forget (especially me) that there are positive outcomes to the not-so-magical moments that come in unexpected ways. I mean it's rare we think of the act of breaking up with anyone can lead to you finding the one true love that you wouldn't have otherwise met if you didn't break up with your previous man or lady. 

Well, something unexpected happened and last Tuesday at approximately 8:30am PST I was laid off from my 9-5. Needless to say, I wasn't very happy with my position, the company I worked with and it wasn't because either of those were bad, but I wanted to be a leader and that was almost impossible if I was going to continue working for them. So, at about 9:30am PST I had packed my things, said goodbye to the very few people that were in the office, and drove home.

That was it. 1 hour and my life I had planned so diligently around had changed. BAM!

So now what? 

Once the silence settled in that's when the thoughts came rushing forward. I was relieved. I wanted to leave, but felt trapped due to finances and unnecessary obligations. And as I was pulling onto 280 North to head back home, the first thought came stumbling into my head... oh my goodness, I no longer have to wear business casual anymore! And I smiled and laughed. 

And that was when I decided that this was a blessing. I wasn't going to spend my time being mad, pissed, angry, or depressed. I wasn't going to waste my days sitting in front of my TV or trying to grasp some sense of reality while trolling Facebook. 

I called Rob, told him the news, took a fine tooth comb to my finances, and figured out that everything was going to be okay. Everything was going to be alright. And the only way it was going to be better than alright was if I spent my everything, my time, and my passion, on what satisfies me, inspires me, and challenges me. If I didn't see this as the best opportunity anyone could have given me, then I was blind to any possibility of pursing my dream and passion, of owning my own venture. 

Rachel's Bake Lab was and is going to soar. Wasn't and still not sure how, but it will and I'll hustle all the way. It will take a lot of coffee, a lot of love and support, some struggle and frustration, and a lot of baking. 

It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. I'll struggle and that's okay. Although some days it won't seem like it. And other days I'll be pissed that I can't 'just' work a normal work schedule. But then I'll remember that I'm the boss. 

That's right. I'm the Boss. No one can dictate what I wear to work. No one can tell me when to take lunch or when to show up to work. And I LOVE IT!! 

So as I think back on the last few days I am simply relieved by all of it.

Everyday feels like a Friday!

I can not take all of the credit for this energy and happiness I feel. Sure, I choose to feel happy, but it derives from the unconditional love and support from my parents, Rob, and my friends. 

Because I know this is magic and I feel lifted and blessed. 


Now, your turn. Tell me about some magic in your life. Past? Present? 

<3 Happy Friday